About Us


OutdoorMediaPlan.com is India’s first ever knowledge repository which will offer tailored reports on all aspects of outdoor media buying and planning in a ready to use format. These reports will provide a fresh perspective to the brand custodians, media planners, asset owners and service providers to create more effective outdoor media campaigns.

Why OutdoorMediaPlan.com?

The Indian outdoor media industry has evolved - India has seen enormous growth in the outdoor advertising sector in last 5 years and newer developments will continue to feature.

An industry tagged to just traditional billboards represented by unorganized supply chain - the emerging touch points, increased participation of international outdoor advertising media groups & local media houses, creation of multiple new breed of media formats and formulation of industry policies & trade platforms has not only enhanced the potential of outdoor advertising but has also made all the stakeholders take this business much more critically than before. The coming years will bring a paradigm shift in the way this industry is looked upon and OutdoorMediaPlan.com will support the industry embrace the changing environment.

How will OutdoorMediaPlan.com Help?

Make knowledge the basis for your planning, not information - we continuously collate & process inputs on customized research gathered from our mentor board & over 100 reporters nationwide.

Our knowledge partners bring in a collective experience of over 500 years and an average experience of over 8 years. Each of our processed reports about industry facts is dependable and will help brand custodians & their media specialist agencies to make informed decisions on their outdoor advertising investments.

OutdoorMediaPlan.com offers paid reports on a monthly basis about category spends, brand-wise-investment, supplier database, innovations, media price benchmarking and emerging technologies on a click of a button. OutdoorMediaPlan.com will also engage into offline corporate consultancy and preparation of need based reports for clients.

The Result

OutdoorMediaPlan.com aims to bring the entire knowledge funnel of this business on a computer screen to enable higher productivity for experts and early entrants in this business.

OutdoorMediaPlan.com assures to save a lot of time for brand managers, planners & buyers by compiling and presenting studies and data analysis in a ready-to-use format. Thus, enhancing productivity and increasing ROI for the campaigns. Finally reaching a new peak of growth for the Indian outdoor advertising industry!