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Top Airports of India 17 Most Premium Airports
95%   INR 5,00,000/-

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Top 17 Airports  |  Delhi  |  Mumbai  |  Bengaluru  |  Chennai  |  Hyderabad  |  Kolkata  |  Ahemdabad  |  Chandigarh  |  Srinagar  |  Jaipur  |  Pune  |  Tirupati  |  Trivandrum  |  Kochi  |  Goa  |  Calicut | Jaipur.

Delhi NCR Over 120 Media options
97%   INR 2,00,000/-

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Annual Passenger | 23 million (Domestic) | 11 million (International)

Mumbai Over 70 media options
96%   INR 2,00,000/-

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Annual Passenger | 20 million (Domestic) | 9.9 million (International)

Chennai Over 80 media options
94%   INR 50,000/-

Additional information

Annual Passenger | 8.3 million (Domestic) | 4.4 million (International)

Bengaluru Over 100 media options
94%   INR 1,00,000/-

Additional information

Annual Passenger | 9.5 million (Domestic) | 2.5 million (International)

Kolkata Over 75 media options
95%   INR 50,000/-

Additional information

Annual Passenger | 8.7 million (Domestic) | 1.6 million (International)

Hyderabad Over 80 media options
95%   INR 1,00,000/-

Additional information

Annual Passenger | 6.2 million (Domestic) | 2.1 million (International)

Chandigarh Over 95 media options
95%   INR 25,000/-

Additional information

Annual Passenger | 0.8 million (Domestic)

Pune Over 45 media options
92%   INR 25,000/-

Additional information

Annual Passenger | 3.2 million (Domestic) | 0.1 million (International)

Ahemdabad Over 100 media options
96%   INR 25,000/-

Additional information

Annual Passenger | 3.4 million (Domestic) | 0.8 million (International)

Goa Over 50 media options
94%   INR 25,000/-

Additional information

Annual Passenger | 2.9 million (Domestic) | 0.6 million (International)

Tirupati Over 40 media options
97%   INR 25,000/-

Additional information

Annual Passenger | 0.3 million (Domestic)

Trivandrum Over 40 media options
96%   INR 25,000/-

Additional information

Annual Passenger | 1 million (Domestic) | 1.8 million (International)

Srinagar Over 30 media options
94%   INR 25,000/-

Additional information

Annual Passenger | 1.9 million (Domestic)

Cochin Over 100 media options
93%   INR 25,000/-

Additional information

Annual Passenger | 2.0 million (Domestic) | 2.8 million (International)

Jaipur Over 40 media options
95%   INR 25,000/-

Additional information

Annual Passenger | 1.6 million (Domestic) | 0.2 million (International)

Calicut Over 120 media options
96%   INR 25,000/-

Additional information

Annual Passenger | 0.3 million (Domestic) | 1.9 million (International)

Amritsar Over 70 media options
93%   INR 25,000/-

Additional information

Annual Passenger | 0.49 million (Domestic) | 0.38 million (International)

Total Cost



Welcome to the Indian Airport Advertising Planning & Buying Report by This research report focuses on top 17 airports across 17 cities in the country and traffic classification at each airport which constitute the audience for airport advertising. The study further classifies prominent advertising options (external, internal, ambient & activations) across key touch points at each of the 17 airports.

The report captures recommended media formats at each airport along with their images. sizes and market operating prices in comprehensive presentations as well in an Excel format. In addition, a Pdf describing the Indian Airport Advertising Environment will help you to understand the category and it’s key components in detail.’s easy-to-use web map tool provides a fantastic and interactive way for the report user to choose the airport of their choice and download the specific media kits which consist of all the media options, sizes and the market operating prices with Hi-Res images.

Airports - The Symbolic Gateways to A City, A Country

India is growing at a tremendous pace. People are flying from city to city making the airports busier by the hour. Passenger traffic at the Indian Airports has crossed over 180 million passengers annually making Civil Aviation the fastest growing arm of India’s transport infrastructure while playing an increasingly important role of providing super fast connectivity.

With the growth in the Indian economy over the past decade- the air travellers profile has evolved from only businessmen and affluent professionals to today’s passenger’s mix of large number of mid level business executives, young & old frequent vacation lovers, people visiting family and friends etc.

Airports have become symbolic gateways to any city and a country as it creates the first & last impression on a traveller’s mind about the city which makes it a very important place for brands to ensure they make their presence felt for relating their brand to that city. In this fast paced world, brands need to find their foothold to leverage their strengths with their most sought after target group - the distinguished air traveller. Airport advertising thus has become an unprecedented opportunity to promote a brand and one of the most important & direct channels to reach high spending consumers.

Advertising Friendly - New Age Airport

The trend of privatization of airports in the last few years has not only seen increase in air traffic sectors, newer operators, and increase in traffic air passengers but also a newer way in which advertising is treated at the airport. Advertising today forms a part of the overall experience for a traveller within his average 60 minutes dwell time and is positioned as a accessory to the overall offerings at the airport.

The above is proven through participation of globally renowned airport media specialist agencies integrating global standards of airport advertising across airports handled by private operators such as GVK & GMR.

There is an unparallel difference between the quality & quantity and revenues from advertising offerings between the privately vs the non-privately operated airports resulting in the fact that upcoming airports have adopted the belief of handling advertising as major revenue earning category and making provisions in their airport layouts at the inception stages.

In India, Air transport has evolved significantly and today boosts few of the top airports in the world – Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru etc and is further set to continue changing the travel experience of the commuters by providing even better world class facilities and is constantly upgrading the existing facilities and adding new airports. Exhibiting signs of further enlargement, India is likely to have more than 250 airports by 2030.

Airports - A Complete Rejuvenating experience

Airports are no longer associated with long queues for check-in, immigration, security check and boarding but with their unique relaxing and luxurious shopping & dining experience to its passengers. With an average dwell time of 60 minutes per traveller- the new age airports provide various facilities to spoil oneself from luxury spa’s, world cuisines restaurants & ultra luxury retail offering unique products only available at the airport outlets. With a rejuvenated mind each traveller is more receptive to advertising communication placed at various touch-points at the airport ensuring better campaign registration.

The varied passenger engagement offerings within the airport environment has resulted into newer brand categories to advertise for the purpose of associating their brand the service experiences.

Airport Advertising- Most Premium Touchpoint

Airport Advertising generally provides an engaging experience to the target group because of its attention grabbing, glamorous and larger than life impact. Few means of Airport Advertising include kiosks, jukeboxes, screens, billboards, product display, projected images, plasma displays, experiential marketing etc.

Few reasons why Airport Advertising is becoming indispensible:
Great impact: Airport advertising provides focussed and compelling viewership and there is no escape route. And because of this reason, airport ads render great impact to the target audience than any other means of outdoor advertising.

Clutter free and eye-catching: Airport ads are mostly clutter free and eye-catching. The messages in such type of ads are conveyed in big and bold words which are user friendly to go through.

Flexibility: Airport ads enjoy vast spaces, high ceilings, modern and discerningly decorated indoors etc. Such ads not only provide a pleasing ambience for the target audience but are also compliant with flexibility.

Unique ambience: Airports provide a unique ambience which can be utilised as a venue to display and strengthen a particular brand message. And that is how airport ads provide effective and desired results. Also, the huge open spaces in the airports contribute to the over-all effect.

Fresh and interactive: Airport advertising is loaded with fresh and interactive designs and communications. Besides, people generally love going through those glamorous and hi-tech ad displays in the airport.

Premium and bespoken: Airport advertising is a premium and bespoken mode of promotion as compared to other modes of advertising.

Availability: One striking advantage of airport advertising is its availability round the year. Airport ads are generally present round the year and that is how they provide greater impact to the target audience.

Good convergence of target audience or corporate leaders: Airports are generally good meeting place for target groups, decision makers or corporate leaders. Hence, airport ads are likely to render more effective result than other modes of outdoor advertising.

Why Airport Advertising

It’s the hardest working media - Your Ad will be present 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day, you will have a constant presence in front of your audience with clever use of quality graphics, colour, and lighting, all working harder for your dollar.

Has the most captive audience- The airport has the most captive audience with an average wait time of 55 minutes before the flight and a 15-25 minutes wait in baggage claim, giving your message a long time to affect your audience.

Has highest income demographics- The income level of the people that travel through the airport is higher than any other facility in your area. These people also spend more money on leisure and luxury items.

Is the most targeted geographic media- Most of the executives who travel are decision-makers for their companies. When targeting business and doing “image orientated” advertising, the airport covers most of the local and many national business leaders. If your goal is to target the business audience or upper income group in your market, airport advertising is your best buy.

Has the lowest cost per thousand- Airport advertising is economical. You get a low cost per thousand and the message is delivered by high visible graphics; with the largest single audience available in any market versus TV, radio and newspaper.

Airport Dwell Time - Critical to Brands

With airline travel remaining remarkably consistent throughout the year, Passengers are a captive audience having to pass through significant holding areas of the airport such as ticketing, security and baggage claim. Different sized displays can reach a larger percentage of traffic in each airport as all passengers follow common paths.

With an average dwell time of over 60 minutes, passengers have enough leisure time to browse the various advertising led awareness campaigns- both static and experiential. These clusters of captive audience in such relaxed mindsets are extremely difficult to target otherwise. Hence it is observed that many brands engage into dedicated airport centric campaigns as they earn the maximum registration for their brand.

Airport Advertising- Media Mix

Whoever it is your brand needs to meet, airport advertising has the media to make it happen. Airport media has the range of technologies - from high-quality backlit panels to exclusive branding zones, mega-posters, digital formats and experiential marketing to create branding solutions tailored to any target group. The average dwell time of over 60 minutes enables brands to reach out to the affluent and time poor travellers.

There are a lot of effective spaces at the airport which can be utilized creatively to anchor brands to the passengers. Airport activations/branding provide your brand the eye balls it deserves. With the huge sized modern airports today, there are a plenty of strategic locations available for brands to execute customised and tailored marketing campaigns. Few options are listed below-

The Below is the range of media:

1. Backlit Boxs
2. Trivisions
3. Scrollers
4. Gantry
5. Billboards
6. Display Space
7. Q-Managers
8. Totem Poles
9. Wall Wraps
10. Pillar Wraps
11. Security Tray Branding
12. Information Kiosks
13. Drop Down Panels
14. Ad-Planters
15. Baggage Trolleys
16. Wall Mounted Panel
17. Unipole
18. Aerobridges
19. Innovative Structure
20. Pole Kiosk
21. Digital Screens
22. Travellator
23. Glass Façades
24. Mobile charging Units
25. FIDS Branding
26. 3D Structure
27. Digital

Advisory Support

As an advisory support function extends its neighbourhood knowledge and on ground capabilities to brands willing to partner with us for conceptualization and execution of their airport campaigns. To start discussion on the same- you may contact our airport media planning & buying experts who would take a detailed brief on your airport campaign objectives and budgeted investments and accordingly create fulfilling campaigns.

Purpose and relevance of this study

This study examines the various aspects of Airport Adverting in India to enhance the ROI of the medium for advertisers. Spanning the origin to evolution of airport adverting with classification of media formats, the report includes complete fact sheets for brand custodians/ media planners & buyers to achieve high impact airport activation across India. The research data pack is comprehensive with knowledge of primary airports in Top 17 cities in India real time listing of media mix and suggestive innovations.

The study further classifies Top 17 Airports in the top cities of India with media formats/Soft Activations/ambient and digital formats available in each airport along with their High resolution images, sizes and market operating prices in comprehensive presentations as well in an Excel format. In addition, a PDF report describing the Indian Airport Advertising Environment will help you to understand the category and its key components in detail.

With a better understanding of the media mix, the findings will enable both advertisers and media planning & buying agencies to craft more effective branding executions. This report will also generate interest of Asset Owners and Technology providers to access the airport management for long term lease of New Assets they intend to create for a more customer fulfilling experience.

Methodology of data collection

Identifying & Evaluating Trends through studying Historical Ad Spend patterns in the last 2 years

We conducted Personal Interviews with Airport Media Concessionaires of 17 airports in the top cities of India which helped us assess the Trends in Ad-Spend pattern in their respective airports in the last 2 years.

We further conducted Personal Interviews with more than 25 Brand Managers handling brands for the Airport Advertising Category and 15 OOH Media buying Specialists to understand the rating & relevance of each airport from their personal experience of conducting airport advertising campaigns over last 2 years in the top Indian cities.

Lastly, our interviews with’s Quality Board who have a collective experience of over 200+ years helped us in evaluating how brand considerations have fluctuated from one airport media to another chosen over a much longer period (5 years) and clearly charting out the current favourite options in each city.

Economic Importance of City to India

The most important factor while choosing an airport for advertising is the economic relevance of that particular city to the Indian economy which also has a direct impact on the no of travellers in & out from that city. Passenger traffic no's from the AAI complement the above the theory and therefore become an important statistical no while considering the top airports in the country. As per the data, Delhi is ranked the top airport with close to 36 million flyers going from IGI every year, Mumbai is 2nd with over 30 million passengers followed by Bengaluru (12.6 million), Chennai (12 million), Kolkata ( 10.3 million) and Hyderabad (8.3 million) respectively. All major business cities of India today boost an international standard airport like- Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru- some also considered as the top airport in the world. Business Travellers who are key decision makers across the country can be reached out by focusing on some of these key airports. Local Airports are also very important for brands while targeting the local business & other travellers of that city and therefore these airports feature a lot of local brands unlike the airports of major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad Kolkata etc which have campaigns running irrespective of location but will have dominating branding exercise carried out across the year by brands like BMW, SAP, Mastercard, SAIL, L&T, Samsung, Citibank, Mercedes etc who will have only seasonal presence in other smaller local airports.

Airports at other smaller but prominent business locations have also got a shot in the arm from the Indian Governments policy to modernise all strategic location airports in the first phase and plan to have a total of 250 operation airports by 2030. There has been a drastic change in the Indian aviation sector over the last decade with the most visible impact seen with the modernization of various airports under AAI and also starting up Public Private Partnerships Projects with major infrastructure players like GMR, GVK etc to build world class airports providing best customer experience w.r.t parking management, easy navigation, most hygienic civic facilities, addressing requirements for kids and elderly people, concierge facilities, effective security, cooling, cleanliness amongst other basic facilities. With the INDIA SHINNING story, air travel is now not only limited to the ultra rich but people from income levels and different age groups can be seen travelling for various reasons like pleasure, business or meeting family thus making the fastest mode of transport- AIRTRAVEL the most preferred mode.

Tracking & Capturing on ground information via local knowledge eyes

The discussions & interviews with over 100 Industry Professionals and key airport advertising stakeholders helped us in understanding the price variance between the card rates vs the market operating prices and gave us deep insights regarding media pricing at various airports.

Also has over 100 Knowledge Partners (with an average experience of 5 years) across India who track & capture the current data on the campaigns running in each airport and provide other local insights like any new media additions or innovation along with other latest local media happenings in each city.

Enhanced Offerings at each airport

Current airport advertising campaigns are executed in participation with the private concessionaires or AAI for each airport who offer limited media basis their current availability, restricting brands to have a holistic understanding of the total airport media inventory which may help them tweak their airport media plans durations & investments. Physical verification of the top 17 airports by our airport media specialist has helped the inclusion of newer media formats, details of which are otherwise not known to as they belong to small entrepreneurial setups who have limited marketing abilities and are not able to reach out to brands directly.

Continuous Upgradation & Validation

Every airport featured in our Airport Advertising Report will have physical visits by our Airport Experts to each airport in every 30 days to evaluate the changing trends and Real-time Media Inventory status. Physical visits in each airport enables us to bring HD pictures of all media formats from different viewing angles helping brand managers to have better understanding of placement of each media basis which decision making will be much faster.


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Airport Media Buying - An Art

Airport Media Buying is as fascinating as the media itself. Unlike most of the traditional OOH media asset owners, the Airport media is set up by organized media houses who are selling this media basis research showcasing confirmed reach/audience count, frequency and impact. It is also the most durable and accountable media and therefore it’s pricing is premium, very discrete and differentiated from client to client basis their volume of investments and longevity of campaigns. Some of the buying considerations are mentioned below:

Plan your Airport Campaign well in Advance

Airport’s as a touchpoint for advertising are the most preferred by all Brand Custodians and hence there are always many takers for the various media options at the airport. This surging demand of airport media makes it extremely complicated for a media buyer to get a grip over the best visible spaces as most of the options are either sold on a long term basis to brands or have a pipeline of brands pegging the highest price to win over the access for their brand.

This process of short listing the best spaces is regular for most of the clients at the airport and therefore a decent lead time of 30-45 days is something which should be considered before attempting to execute an effective airport campaign.

Conduct 3 pre-Rides Minimum

While each airport media looks great in the power point presentation, its real impact to moving traffic cannot be ascertained without a physical airport inspection. It is also observed that the airport authorities sometimes uses the same facility for both departure and arrival and therefore minimum 3 visits on separate occasions and different timings of the day are critical to understand the real exposure a particular site can achieve for your brand.

Such pre-rides enable you to understand each Inventory at the airport helping you plan a 360* airport campaign with great amount of ease.

Always Engage an Airport Specialist Agency

While we can understand the flow of traffic and real impact formats during our pre-rides, buying airport media is not the real business for a brand manager/advertiser. Engaging an airport media specialist agency will help the advertiser buy efficiently and enable smooth execution of the campaign and will also keep the advertiser appraised about newer media developments at the airport on regular occasions.

This ease of execution and sharing of knowledge will enable an advertiser with a much better understand of the airport media environment helping him become more wise in his decision making in the long term. Our many client interactions on this subject has confirmed that the airport specialist agency is able to provide atleast 20% efficiency either through reduction in costs of through increase of more media mass within the same costs.

Long Term Vs. Short Term Campaigns: Special Consideration

While only 20-25% of the airport media inventory is termed as spectacular, the rest of the media inventory is present at all touch points of passenger connect and is sold generally as networks promising frequency of eyeballs. The long term campaigns of minimum 6 months onwards generally see latching on to the spectacular formats while short duration tactical campaigns of 30 days take networks of signage’s for ensuring reach.

Efficient buying of spectacular formats is not possible through price cuts but asking for value adds to compliment the impact of the spectacular site through sustenance mediums. It is generally observed that an additional same value of spectacular media can be earned through proper negotiation at the time of long term booking. For short duration campaigns, it is essential that advertisers take more impact but lesser number of days to work around moderate occupancy which any airport media concessionaire operates with.

Digital Media: Use it effectively for short term campaigns

Combining the three negatives of increasing media rentals for traditional formats, increasing production and mounting charges which the client have to bear in addition to the media cost and digital media being highly perishable, digital media works best to execute short term campaign at the last minute. The campaign execution is super-fast, it’s gets your brand noticed all over the airport within seconds, the ad-frequency can be increased at any time and with such flexibility, digital media can be bought very efficiently. Digital media allows penetration of your brand at an entry cost and lead time, much lesser than any other media at the airport., your media integration specialist

With an unparallel understanding of the airport advertising environment in India covering top 17 airports of India, will enable seamless planning and execution of nationwide airport campaigns.

From small local activations to fully integrated, multi media national campaigns,’s airport media data leads the industry in providing unique and highly effective advertising and Brand activation opportunities.

Here's how it works: Where to advertise?: Decide where you would like to advertise—locally or nationally. With over 17 Airports to choose from, advertisers can target by market, city, zip code, or extend the message and reach across the nation. The campaign can be geographically or demographically specific.

What products and/or venues? We will help you think about the optimal product formats to place your advertising.

Simple planning process: With real time data at your fingertips, all you have to do is browse, plan and execute!

Let us know your goals and we will find the best airport locations for your advertising. With our extended top up services, we can customise specific plans for you.

Top up Plans: We have included indicative budgets for airport campaigns. Our specialists can help you compile good v/s medium exposure matrix as well.

Ambient and BTL options: Unlike traditional vendors, we have indentified and provide out-of-the box ambient and BTL options as well.

Get Creative: Our creative team will ensure that your creative elements represent your brand and campaign messaging. You can supply us with creative that is already designed and has been prepared to our media specifications, or you may work with us to help design your advertising

Web Map Tool’s easy-to-use web map tool provides a fantastic and interactive way for the report user to choose the airport of their choice and download the specific media kits which consist of all the media options, sizes and the market operating prices with Hi-Res images.

Testimonials is a great research resource with excellent customer service. My dedicated research assistant maintains regular contact and always lets me know when new reports that apply to my project plans are available. In particular, the reports are full of interesting, accurate and relevant data that fits my brands needs. I would recommend to anyone!
- Anuj Bhandari, Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Your site is straight-forward and easy to navigate. I really like the way it is set up and the convenience provided by it to my company as compared to information my team use to keep looking for days together.
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- Anuj Bhandari, Samsung Electronics

Good site for planners within companies who need information quickly.
- Anuj Bhandari, Mudra

Top Up Report

At we understand that in keeping with the constantly changing needs of our clients, their research requirements often involve an in-depth analysis of the market which may not always be available in the existing reports published by us. analyses the scope of your customized market research request to enable us to identify your requirements better and offering insightful and actionable market intelligence with the aim of ensuring that all your information-related requirements are thoroughly fulfilled.

Kindly share details regarding your custom research requirements in the form below and we will get in touch with you with the cost and other timelines within one business day.

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