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Report Name Description Info Relevance Price
Ambient Media- All Over 100 Formats
96%   INR 4,00,000/-

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Commercial Complexes in Top 8 cities | Inflight Media- Top 5 Airlines | Cinemas- 6 Cinema Chains | Radio Cabs- 7 biggest Cab Companies | Eateries- 3 Leading Eating chains | Gyms- 3 Best Gym Chains | Clinic - Media over 6000 Hospitals, Clinics etc.

Office Complexes 60+ Commercial Complexes
94%   INR 2,00,000/-

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Top 8 cities | Delhi NCR | Mumbai | Pune | Bengalaru | Kolkata | Hyderabad | Chennai | Ahmedabad | Chandigarh | Over 50 commercial complexes | 1000+ companies | Targeting 10 million Professionals.

Inflight Media Top 6 Airlines in India
97%   INR 2,00,000/-

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Jet Airways | SpiceJet | Indigo | Air India | Go Air | Air Asia | Vistara | Over 78 million passengers | 90+ Domestic Destination | Over 1500 Flights per day

Cabs Media Top 6 Cab Companies
93%   INR 1,00,000/-

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Delhi NCR | Mumbai | Pune | Bengalaru | Kolkata | Hyderabad | Chennai | Chandigarh | Over 50 million passengers annually | 25,000+ Cabs | Close to 60 minutes of Avg Travel Time | Targeting 60% Professionals daily

Eateries Media 4 leading Coffee & Fast Food Chains
91%   INR 50,000/-

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2000+ Outlets in 148 Indian Cities | Close to 320 million annual footfalls | Targeting Sec A & B of the society

Gym Media Top 3 Gym Chains
94%   INR 50,000/-

Additional information

Fitness First | Gold Gym | Talwalkars | Over 200 Top Gyms covered in 69 Indian Cities | Annual Footfalls of over 15 million | Avg Dwell Time of 90-120 Minutes

Cinema Media 6 leading Cinema
93%   INR 50,000/-

Additional information

Big Cinemas | DT Cinemas | INOX | Satyam Cineplex | SPI Cinemas | PVR Cinemas

Clinics Media Media at Health Clinics
97%   INR 50,000/-

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Media at over 6000 Hospitals, clinics, chemists around the country.

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Welcome to the Indian Ambient Media planning & buying report by The research report focuses on established touch points in each of the top 8 metro cities of India and further consolidates a sizeable cluster of a particular audience group which otherwise are scattered and generally reached out through mass media advertising campaigns via traditional billboards.

This study classifies 7 unique touch points along with their network audience strength and how the audiences are exposed to various innovative media formats during their stay at these touch points every day. The research report will disseminate details of these 7 touch points, its audience profiling, penetration of media formats, sizes, pricing and vendor identification etc. Category wise Investments at each touch point and media packages will help brand managers execute their ambient media campaigns with great ease.

The report comes with an exhaustive spread sheet, power point presentation and a Pdf showcasing the Indian ambient media industry scan.

Ambient Advertising Phenomenon

Ambient media advertising is defined as placement of Ads at unusual places you wouldn’t normally see an Ad. Ambient Media in the Indian scenario is a relatively newer term but its acceptance amongst the marketing fraternity has picked up really fast in last few years as such media helps dominate presence to a target audience group with marginal brand investments as compared to the traditional way of advertising on billboards.

Ambient Media Advertising can be used in conjunction with the mainstream traditional outdoor media or used equally effectively as a standalone activity. Ambient Media uses the environment and its elements to advertise a brand message. Ambient media by nature is unexpected - The element of surprise creates the long lasting registration of the AD-message. Be it a washroom Ad-panel inside a Cineplex, A meal tray branding inside an aircraft, Ad-benches placed strategically at common areas at premium office complexes , digital screens at waiting lounges in hospitals & clinics, a seat back ad in a radio taxi or browsing wall posters while enjoying your coffee at coffee chains - all these touch points cater to a particular type of audience who consume advertising on ambient formats for a much longer time and earn unparallel frequency of eye balls for brands as compared to any other traditional outdoor media.

Ambient media as a category has got immense recognition in the last 3 years with sizeable growth in media investments in 2 major touch point categories - In-flight & premium commercial complexes. A similar surge is expected in the other 5 touch points covered in our report namely: Clinics, eateries, cinemas, radio cabs & gyms. Since ambient media is placed inside controlled environments, the effectiveness w.r.t audience profiling, audience count and the impact of a brand campaign can be easily tracked.

Advantages of Ambient Media

Ambient media advertising is a niche for advertising agencies and Brand Managers for exploring beyond traditional methods of advertising to get lasting attention of their target consumers. Ambient media in a larger scale define the media environment within a particular touch point. Some of the major advantages of advertising through ambient media can be listed as follows:-
1. Access to captive base of filtered audience.
2. Uncluttered environment with innovative means of communication.
3. High level of Ad exposure with least Ad format count : TG count ratio
4. Direct attention from the consumer.
5. Reduced marketing budgets with a better ROI.

Types of Ambient Media Covered

In the report, we have covered 7 major Ambient Media categories which have been scaled up in the top 8 metros and offer a sizable audience in each category for marketers to target. The categories are mentioned below-

Ambient Media Categories/Formats

Commercial Complex

1. Building Facades
2. Shoe shine machines
3. Pillar Snap-Frames
4. Tower Entrance Facades
5. Billboards
6. Pole Kiosks
7. Video Pods
8. Digital Screens
9. Parking Ramps
10. Scrollers
11. Activations
12. Lift Button Snap-frames
13. Lift Branding
14. Food Court Branding

Inflight Advertising

1. Aircraft Wraps
2. Boarding Passes
3. Bulkhead Branding
4. Coach – exterior wrap
5. Hand Baggage Tags
6. Inflight Announcements
7. Inflight Catalogue/Magazines
8. Inflight sampling
9. Meal Box
10. Meal Tray Branding
11. Meal Tray Devices
12. Seat Covers
13. Seat Pocket Inserts
14. Stepladder

Radio Cab Advertising

1. Door Branding
2. Luggage Boot/Back Strip
3. Roof-top Carrier
4. Head Rest
5. Seat Backs
6. Sun Visor Cover
7. Danglers
8. Seat Belt
9. Digital Screen Branding
10. Road Show
11. Product Sampling
12. Leaflet Distribution
13. Airport Taxi Boarding Pass
14. Bill Receipts

Off-screen cinema advertising

1. Activations
2. Audi Door Branding
3. Backlit Boxes
4. Billboards/Hoardings
5. Lounge Bar Branding
6. Pillar Branding
7. Queue Managers
8. Scrollers
9. Seat Branding
10. Security Check/Gate Branding
11. Standees
12. Ticket Jacket Branding
13. Wall Branding/Façade
14. Washroom Branding

Gym Advertising

1. Activations
2. Backlit Boxes
3. Danglers
4. Floor Mats
5. Lockers Branding
6. Mirror Branding
7. Pillar Branding
8. Posters
9. TV Branding
10. Scrollers
11. Washroom Branding
12. Standees
13. Towel Branding
14. Treadmills

Food chains advertising

1. Activations
2. Coasters
3. Leaflets/Fliers
4. Cup Branding
5. Danglers
6. Digital Screens
7. Drop Box
8. Floor Stickers
9. Front Facades
10. Scroller
11. Standee
12. Table Mats
13. Tent Card
14. Wall Branding

Clinic Media Advertising

1. TV Screen at Waiting Hall
2. TV Screen Masking
3. Wall Posters
4. Free Standing Units
5. Branded Merchandise
6. Product Sampling

Advisory Support

As an advisory support function extends its neighbourhood knowledge and on ground capabilities to brands willing to partner with us for conceptualization and execution of their ambient media campaigns. To start discussion on the same- you may contact our ambient media planning & buying experts who would take a detailed brief on your ambient media campaign objectives and budgeted investments and accordingly create fulfilling campaigns.

Purpose and relevance of this study

This paper examines and exposes to the marketers & media buying fraternity the various aspects of Ambient adverting in India. It showcases that ambient media exists across eco-systems and offers unparallel grip over its core audience groups which are critical TG cluster for many brands. Unlike traditional outdoor which is difficult to sustain round the year due to its growing price, ambient media allows you longevity in penetration as it is very cost effective and helps a brand reach out to its core TG much faster, with more impact and at a much lesser cost. Ambient media is a growing market globally and with increased participation from all stakeholders, there will be creation of more and more newer opportunities to reach out to specific TG’s more smartly and thus helping marketers get a better ROI over their marketing budgets. Spanning from the origin to evolution of Ambient adverting with classification of media formats, the study includes complete fact sheets for media planners to achieve high impact and list of ambient advertising options across India. The research data pack is comprehensive package full with knowledge of Ambient Media Platforms per city with their audience profiling and real time listing of advertising formats and available and suggestive innovations while defining the target consumer behaviour and giving critical information such as footfalls, demographic profiles, avg. dwell time etc. The study further classifies top media vendors and platforms in the top 8 cities in India with media formats available across each platform along with their images. sizes and market operating prices in comprehensive presentations as well in an Spread sheet. The PDF also describes the Indian Ambient Advertising Environment which will help you to understand the category and it’s key components in detail.

With this paper brings all the existing small networks spread across scattered markets represented through a consolidated front making it very easy for brands to evaluate and execute campaigns with ease.

Methodology of data collection

Ambient media is very different from any other traditional format and even from other touch points like malls & airports which are fairly better organized and already scaled up with the presence of some large corporate houses and other international players. Unlike malls and airports where we talked to 95 mall managers, 20 airport operators & concessionaires, 65 brand managers and 40 media buying specialist, there is no direct channel of collecting data for ambient media options. Therefore strategized different steps to collect data for ambient media touch points & options across the country-

Our extensive research and discussions about innovative ambient formats and touch point led advertising done by more than 200 companies worldwide has helped us with conclusive details of what touch points are active and receptive to advertising globally.

Our research & evaluation showed that India is not far behind as most of the touch points are common but advertising in them is inactive. In today’s competitive market every brand wants to stand out and the brand custodians are running from pillar to post for creating the last mile connectivity with its TG. Therefore, we evaluated the real intent of brands if they were serious to make investments in an eco-system enabling filtered reach to a large cluster of their TG.

Personal Interviews were conducted with national marketing managers of global companies and marketing custodians of national brands to understand their participation in ambient media space in last couple of years. We also shared global ambient media executions in each brand category to explore intent of making marketing investments in the Indian scenario.

It is found that each brand custodian is prepared to plug in serious investments in the ambient media space provided the touch-point scaled up across major market and provides a critical mass of audience to target. This domain provides scalability across markets. While there are a few brands who are using ambient media but their participation is restricted to fewer markets and negligible investments.

We made physical visits in over 300 facilities capturing 1and touch points to assess the potential of ambient media advertising in India. Our research & evaluation showed that 7 out of the 18 touch points covered were very active and have reached a certain level of business scale through multiple ownerships in multiple cities. The 7 touch points selected by us are doing sizable advertising business but lack representation under a common banner. has consolidated multiple players in each touch point and has created a common platform for clients, thus enabling better understanding of the media space and directing them to make sizeable investments.

A comprehensive scan of 7 touch points across 8 cities via thorough physical visits uncovered multiple vendors and their own indigenous ways of creating & selling ambient media. Their research parameters and media costs were unique which was considered one of the biggest reasons why ambient media could not scale up to its potential. At we have packaged these unique offerings into a uniform language making it simpler for brand custodians to plan & consume ambient media.

At, we continue to understand the targeted advertising requirements of brands and continue to dig into the global perspective and align them in the Indian context and help generate more such parallel platforms of Out-of-Home Advertising. We will have physical visits by our experts to each city in every 30 days to evaluate the changing trends and Real-time Media Inventory status. Physical visits in each city enables us to bring high resolution pictures of all media formats from different viewing angles helping brand managers to have better understanding of placement of each media basis which decision making will be much faster and help explore newer scalable ambient media touch points.


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Buying Tips- Ambient Media Advertising

Ambient Media as a category is very new, there are hardly any benchmarks in terms of media pricing as buying in last few years was done basis it’s newness and more from a experimentation point of view. With the increasing acceptance from brands, the surge in pricing is seeing newer highs. Ambient media touch point are not advertisement friendly as touch point owners are only inclined to monetize their vacant spaces to a limit making it only accessible for fewer brands. Since its effectiveness is proven in last 2 years, Brands queue-up for their turn to ride on such media and hence efficient buying becomes even more challenging.

Since the main line of business of touch point owners like an airline, an office complex, a plush restaurant or a doctor’s clinic is not advertisement, they accept bookings for advertisement only when they achieve their target price. They are not bothered with the media space lying vacant for months as in their definition- they need to establish rates for future growth.

In order to do effective buying for Ambient Media, here are some tips:

1. Hire an agency that already has a footprint in the specific touch point and has carried out sizeable campaigns.

2. Ask the agency to determine what share of voice a particular brand campaign should have to execute a visible campaign in a particular touch point.

3. Conduct physical inspection of the touch point to understand prominent media formats and include them in your media plan.

4. Ambient media is a new category and therefore agencies selling ambient media expect long term bookings to cover their business costs as compared to a high premium for short term campaigns. One can negotiate up to 60% on card rate for minimum 12 months booking.

5. For short term campaigns, ask for additional media as value ads. Ambient media is a new category and operates at a 45% occupancy. Media being highly perishable, Value ads are very easy to earn. Make sure that value adds/free media should be areas other than where your main campaign is installed for you to earn a larger expanse.

6. Ambient media comprises of smaller formats and even a small campaign may comprise of over 50-100 media units which will attract heavy production costs. So always decide on a package cost for media + production while executing short duration campaigns.

7. Unlike the traditional media, production cost incase of Ambient Media takes a larger share of the investments as it is governed by policies of touchpoint owners Eg- Aircraft wraps/inflight branding requires FAA approved fire resistant eco poster material. Premium commercial complexes nationwide insist on green media for the purpose of lead certification and earning carbon credits.

8. While Ambient Media is a new category, the demand of this media is rising high and signing off long term contracts at an early stage will be a good strategy to restrict the price tab for future campaigns.

9. Pre-Consultation about possibility of brand inclusions is must while planning an ambient media campaign eg- DLF Ltd for advertisement inside their commercial complexes reserves the right to approve the creative content & may disallow putting up of ads which may consist of competitor brands/products or otherwise. Advertising at all other touch points is highly subjective to the touch point owners’ discretion.


I have been waiting for your site to launch for over 3 months now. You've made a great first impact since with the conceptualization and the actual report delivered. It's fast, and very well organized. It doesn't take much time to find what I'm looking for, and that's appreciated.
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- Anuj Bhandari, provides our brand with comprehensive, top-line outdoor media reports. It was great beginning for our campaign with the media options provided in the report from - their combination of breadth and depth offers a great deal of value. The Airports Media, Traditional Media and the Ambient Media study that we purchased was a great example of how you saved us days of valuable time otherwise wasted in deciding what agency to hire and also helped us in planning our total campaign budget. We planned the full campaign inhouse by using the report. The Ambient Media report and data was especially a great starting point for our analysis targeting our potential customers.
- Anuj Bhandari, Rolex

As a global advertising agency, we always need a large and diverse platform of current media information, often at a moment's notice. has now ensured that they are our off-rolls team providing us Pan India media options in their reports with a comprehensive database. Where else are you going to get a complete overview so quickly. I totally depend on it now.
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