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Pan India Malls Top 74 Malls in Top 26 Cities of India
94%   INR 5,00,000/-

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74 Malls  |  26 Cities Delhi NCR  |  Mumbai  |  Kolkata  |  Chennai  |  Bengaluru  |  Hyderabad  |  Pune  |  Ahmadabad  |  Chandigarh  |  Ludhiana  |  Jalandhar  |  Amritsar  |  Meerut  |  Lucknow  |  Kanpur  |  Rajkot  |  Bhopal  |  Indore  |  Nagpur  |  Pune  |  Mysore  |  Manglore  |  Kochi  |  Aurangabad  |  Nashik | Jaipur.

Delhi NCR Top 14 malls of Delhi NCR
97%   INR 1,50,000/-

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14 Premium Malls  |  Delhi  |  Gurgaon  |  Noida  |  Faridabad.

Mumbai Top 6 malls of Mumbai
96%   INR 1,00,000/-

Additional information

6 most premium malls in Mumbai  |  Over 74 million footfalls annually

Bengaluru Top 5 Malls of Bengaluru
95%   INR 1,00,000/-

Additional information

5 Most Premium Malls of Bengaluru  |  Footfalls of over 59 million annually

Hyderabad Top 2 Malls of Hyderabad
96%   INR 50,000/-

Additional information

2 Most Premium Malls of Hyderabad  |  Combined Footfalls of over 24 million annually

Chennai Top 3 Malls of Chennai
93%   INR 1,00,000/-

Additional information

3 Most Premium Malls of Chennai  |  Combined Footfalls of over 32 million annually.

Chandigarh Top 3 Malls of Chandigarh
97%   INR 25,000/-

Additional information

3 Most Premium Malls of Chandigarh | Combined Footfalls of over 19.8 million annually.

Kolkata Top 3 Malls of Kolkata
94%   INR 50,000/-

Additional information

3 Most Premium Malls of Kolkata | Combined Footfalls of over 46 million annually.

Amritsar Most Premium Mall of Amritsar
96%   INR 10,000/-

Additional information

Most Premium Mall of Amritsar | Over 10 million footfall annually.

Ludhiana Top 4 Malls of Ludhiana
95%   INR 25,000/-

Additional information

4 Most Premium Malls of Ludhiana | Combined Footfalls of over 2.1 million annually.

Jalandhar Most Premium Mall of Jalandhar
97%   INR 10,000/-

Additional information

Most Premium Mall of Jalandhar | Over 4.8 million footfall annually.

Meerut Top 3 Malls of Meerut
92%   INR 10,000/-

Additional information

3 Most Premium Malls of Meerut | Combined Footfalls of over 8.4 million annually.

Kanpur Top 2 Malls in Kanpur
90%   INR 10,000/-

Additional information

2 Most Premium Malls of Kanpur | Combined Footfalls of over 14 million annually.

Lucknow Top 5 Malls of Lucknow
92%   INR 25,000/-

Additional information

5 Most Premium Malls of Lucknow | Combined Footfalls of over 44 million annually.

Ahmedabad Top 4 Malls in Ahmedabad
93%   INR 25,000/-

Additional information

4 Most Premium Malls in Ahmedabad | Combined footfalls of over 27 million annually.

Pune Top 2 Malls of Pune
94%   INR 25,000/-

Additional information

Most Premium Malls of Pune | Over 22 million footfall annually.

Indore Top 3 Malls of Indore
92%   INR 10,000/-

Additional information

Most Premium Malls of Indore | Over 31 million combined annual footfall.

Mysore Top 2 Malls of Mysore
93%   INR 25,000/-

Additional information

2 Most Premium Malls of Mysore | Combined Footfalls of over 48 million annually.

Bhopal Most Premium Mall of Bhopal
91%   INR 10,000/-

Additional information

Most Premium Mall of Bhopal | Over 10 million footfall annually.

Patna Most Premium Mall of Patna
91%   INR 10,000/-

Additional information

Most Premium Mall of Amritsar | Over 1.2 million footfall annually.

Rajkot Top Mall of Rajkot
92%   INR 10,000/-

Additional information

Most Premium Mall of Rajkot with over 1.4 million footfall annually.

Manglore Top Mall of Manglore
91%   INR 10,000/-

Additional information

Most Premium Mall of Manglore I Close to 8.4 million footfall annually.

Kochi Top 2 Malls of Kochi
94%   INR 25,000/-

Additional information

Most Premium Malls of Kochi | Over 15 million footfall annually.

Aurangabad Best Mall of Aurangabad
93%   INR 10,000/-

Additional information

Most Premium Mall of Aurangabad | Over 72 million footfall annually.

Nagpur Best Mall of Nagpur
94%   INR 10,000/-

Additional information

Most Premium Mall of Nagpur | Over 12 million footfall annually.

Nasik Top Mall in Nasik
94%   INR 10,000/-

Additional information

Most Premium Mall of Nasik | Over 3.6 million footfall annually.

Jaipur Top 2 Malls of Jaipur
96%   INR 25,000/-

Additional information

Most Premium Malls of Jaipur | Combined footfalls of over 13 million annually.

Total Cost



Welcome to the Indian Mall Advertising Planning & Buying Report by This research report focuses on the top media options in the top malls in the country as well as the millions of Indian shoppers across age brackets who visit these malls and constitute the audience for mall based advertising platforms.

The study further classifies Top 74 malls in Top 26 cities of India with media formats/Soft Activations/Sponsorship opportunities available in each mall along with their images, sizes and Market Operating prices in comprehensive presentations and spread sheets. The media kit also includes a pdf describing the Indian Mall Advertising Environment, which will help you in understanding the category and it’s key components in detail.’s easy-to-use web map tool provides a fantastic and interactive way for the report users to choose the mall of their choice and download the specific media kits, which consist of all the media options, sizes and the market operating prices with Hi-Resolution images.

The Mall Phenomenon

Indian society is a collective society by tradition, where individuals see themselves as an integral part of a collective group such as family, friends or colleagues. Here, the 'mall' is a social phenomenon. Rising incomes, influence of consumerism and wide availability of products and services at a single location such as malls have had an impact on the buying behaviour of Indian consumers.

Malls have indeed taken over the local famous high-streets in a big way. The finest malls in Indian metropolitan cities enjoy upwards of 25,000 footfalls per day which hikes to an average of 40,000 on weekends. The sales-conversion percentage in malls is significantly higher than in standalone stores at High Streets. Malls have thus become the places of audience convergence and therefore advertising in malls has tremendous impact.

The Mall Space Distribution

In India, malls have transformed shopping from a need driven activity to a leisure time entertainment. The retail sector is very promising, particularly organised retailing and it is spreading in the entire tier – I, II, III cities of India.

Every year newer, larger and grander malls are opening up in good numbers in all the cities of India. Exhibiting signs of further enlargement, India is likely to have more than 715 malls by 2015.

Mall - A Complete Entertainment Zone

Shopping malls are no longer associated with only shopping but have instead become places to meet friends, watch movies, eat, browse casually etc. In most communities, it is by far the single most visited public place, drawing millions of visitors annually.

Beyond their retail purpose, shopping malls have become community centres for social and recreational activities, attracting people throughout the entire spectrum of the population.

With the wide variety of activities available in a shopping mall and the increased share of time spent in the mall, it becomes a vital catchment area for advertisers who need to reach out to their consumers.

Reach To Wider Demographics, Age Brackets

Today malls have become the hang out places for people of different ages. Gone are the days when malls used to be visited only by the elites. Today even a common man has his reach to the grandest of the malls. It can be noted here that the mall culture is inherently starting to build in children from an early age as they accompany their parents to the mall. Teenager's category also has an astounding share skewing the matrix to younger audiences. The Gender ratio of mall visitors is surprisingly close being 52% female and 48% male population.

Malls As Media

Much like commercial television, radio or the Internet, malls draw mass audiences to a common point where brands can efficiently communicate their message; but that is where most similarities end. Unlike television or radio, the mall is a point of purchase advertising vehicle where consumers can be carried on a wave of enthusiasm generated by the brand message and converts it immediately into a buying event.

Even the mass ecommerce potential of the Internet is still just potential for most products and does not close the gap between advertising touch point and instant gratification the way a mall can. Mall media advertising is the perfect way to impact consumers as they are about to make their final purchasing decisions. Shopping malls are dynamic and exciting destinations, drawing people to shop, dine and socialize. Each day, mall advertising campaigns reach communities of shoppers as they seek fashion trends and entertainment at their favourite mall.

Catchment Area for Brand Engagement, Personalised Reach: Media Mix

Mall advertising offers a wide range of media formats that inform, engage, interact and entertain shoppers. They aid advertisers to deliver greater impact and higher awareness, turning shoppers into buyers through affordable and efficient media opportunities.

There are a lot of effective spaces in malls which can be utilized creatively to anchor brands to the visitors. Options like atrium displays, activations, live product demonstrations make it an ideal platform for product launches or one-on-one customer interaction. From unique sponsorships to sky banners, elevator wraps, play areas and tabletops- Mall advertising does not just connect with consumers, it envelopes them. Apart from regular posters there are options of dramatic sizes, innovative spaces, and high traffic locations to advertise. These promotions interact with the target audience and influence their buying decisions. The flexibility and creativity offered by the mall environment spoils the advertiser for choice to garner optimum results.

The various media mix offered by the malls are listed as under. A detailed fact sheet (Excel and PowerPoint Presentation format) has been attached for all the formats available in each mall covered as a part of the study.

The Below is the range of media:

1. Billboards
2. Arch Façades
3. Neon Billboards
4. Lift Branding
5. Drop Downs
6. Pole Kiosk
7. Flag Poles
8. Glass Façades
9. Wall Façades
10. Digital Screens/ LEDs
11. Unipoles
12. Escalator Branding
13. Backlit FSUs
14. Umbrella Branding
15. Pylons
16. Backlit Boxes
17. Activation Spaces
18. Kiosk Space
19. Glass Railing Branding
20. Strip Branding
21. Snap Frames
22. Easel Standees
23. Capsule Lift Branding
24. Pillar Branding
25. Backlit Scrollers

Casual Leasing - Brand Activations

Casual Leasing relates to the use of the common area in the mall on a casual basis for promotional activities. It is an effective way for your business to improve its presence, generate trials, traffic flow and direct sales or even to promote upcoming events. Casual Leasing provides the ideal platform to reach a broad customer base outside the traditional selling areas.

Displays are positioned in highly visible areas within the mall’s common areas. Areas for lease can range from 6’ x 6’ site sizes up to super size areas 20’ x 20’ & 30’ x 30’ such as at the main atrium for large promotional or branding awareness campaigns. Casual Leasing can be tailored to your marketing strategy. Casual Leasing can be for one day, one week, one month or one year!

Casual Leasing inside malls is a growing trend as major brands are seen making serious investments round the year. Few of the brands who have made significance investments in last one year are Samsung, HTC, Apple, BMW, Audi, Toyota & Hyundai. A careful assessment of the brand mix in casual leasing will determine that brands are focusing more on touch and feel marketing in comparison to traditional way of being present on billboards.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Internal Mall promotion activities and events form an integral part of mall management’s marketing strategy to induce larger walk-ins on a continuous basis. The malls keep devising innovative promotions to attract footfall year round. Activities like Flee Markets, food festivals, handicraft exhibitions and celebrity visits increase the footfalls and ultimately in turn increase sales volume and revenue. Apart from this, organizing cultural events helps the mall in attracting consumers to a mall.

The marketing departments of malls in India still feel it is paramount to project the idea of the property being a part of the local communities. Considering this, plenty of events are held in the mall like concerts, summer attractions for kids, workshops for women, fashion shows and live performances. A new trend of hosting television auditions has also emerged. For popular reality shows like “Indian Idol” and “Dance India Dance“ auditions as well as live shows are organised. Audiences drive long distances to participate in things like these increasing the estimated footfalls from 5,000 to 25,000 visitors per day.

Need Based Targeting with Mall Classifications

The malls can be classified into various categories on the basis of their target audience, location and Merchandise orientation. Considering the same classifications any advertiser can easily choose the best suited options for their campaigns for maximum impact.

Conventional Malls: Primarily a shopping mall, this category is the most commonly found mall type in India. It typically houses an anchor store to pull crowds and also generally includes eateries.

Lifestyle Centres: Lifestyle Centres house not only shopping but lifestyle experiences like cinema, restaurants, beauty services, spas, fitness centres and much more.

Outlet Mall: Outlet Mall is a type of Shopping Mall in which manufacturers sell their products directly to the public through their own branded stores. Clothing, sporting goods, electrical products, cosmetics and toys are among the types of items sold at outlet malls.

Luxury Malls: Luxury Mall is mall which only house luxury brands like DFL Emporio, Delhi.

Theme based malls: Malls based on specific services or specialised products like entertainment malls, gold souk and auto malls are called theme based malls. Being target oriented, these malls garner 60-80% more rate of conversions (that is, the number of consumers making actual purchases) vis-a-vis the regular malls.

Increased Ad Impact Due to Positive Shopping Mindset of The Customer

A customer in a mall has a relatively joyful Mindset. Mall Ads reach a quality demographic when they are poised to purchase. Your product is showcased in an environment where women, men, and teens spend lots of time. Mall shoppers are, by their very presence, looking to buy. A captive audience in a visually stimulating environment craves for new trends and compelling reasons to purchase.

The average shopper typically stays an hour and 30 minutes per visit. The ad network in malls is designed to work within its environment and strategically positioned to follow the path of the shopper. The mall shopper with intent to buy uses advertising signposts as a catalyst to making final purchases.

Malls Set to Grow, Not Only in Numbers But Also in Size

Developers focusing on projects that can take larger crowds, offer various formats under one roof
Malls in India are getting bigger as developers are focusing on projects that can accommodate more shoppers and offer various facilities under one roof. The average size of malls is likely to increase to 470,000 sq ft in 2015 from around 380,000 sq ft now, according to a study by property advisory firm Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL).

Total shopping-mall space across India’s top-seven cities is also expected to grow by more than 25% to 95.7 million sqft in 2015 from 76 million sqft in 2013. As of now, Delhi and Mumbai together account for 62% of the total mall space in India, with Bangalore and Chennai coming second with a combined share of around 20%. By 2017, the total mall space is expected to cross 107 million sqft, the study shows. According to JLL, the National Capital Territory of Delhi will have the maximum net addition of shopping mall area in 2014 with 6.92 million sqft area to be built.

“Among the seven cities, Delhi-NCR and Mumbai have been leading in terms of having the highest concentration of shopping malls,” said Pankaj Renjhen, managing director of retail services at JLL India. “The net addition of shopping malls from 2013 to 2015 is expected to be around 24.9 million sqft . In 2010, the stock of shopping mall in India stood at around 53.3 million sqft,” Renjhen said. In 2013, an estimated supply of around 5.2 million sqft was registered — a 22% increase over last year’s supply. Chennai saw the maximum number of new shopping mall space at 1.95 million sqft in 2013, followed by Mumbai and Pune.

“Retailers are showing the highest interest in upcoming retail projects that offer not only a good location, but also have been optimised in terms of design and trade and tenant mix,” Renjhen said. In Delhi, by 2014, Noida and Greater Noida are anticipated to contribute significantly to the total Delhi-NCR share of mall space. In Mumbai, the eastern and western suburbs are expected to be a major mall space occupier.

Source - Economic Times Report

Outdoors is out, kids pick Malls, cafes over parks

Mumbai: Only one in eight children in India’s metros likes to spend time in a park. The more popular haunts are malls, gaming parlours, movie halls and coffee shops.

A study of 690 children in the 8-16 age group, conducted across five metros including Mumbai and Delhi, by Edumedia, an education research group, has found that 12% Voted for parks, while 20% picked shopping malls as their favorite go-to destination. The findings revealed that 31% teenagers (15- 17 years) like to spend their leisure hours in covered outdoor spaces, While 28% spend time indoors at home. When at home, they either watch television or play video games.

Dr. Harish Shetty, a psychiatrist who specializes in children’s behavior, said the present generation of children are sub-consciously seeking spaces that have ‘brand values’ attached to them. "In their minds, brands have become associated with quality and comfort. The mushrooming of branded cafes has a hold on them as they promise privacy and a hip ambience," said Shetty. "Since malls offer these brands under one roof, children are constantly turning to them."

Seema Hingorrany, a Mumbai –based psychologist, said children’s definition of ‘Hanging out’ has changed due to the mall-culture, “Hanging out has become synonymous with shopping and eating. It no longer means only catching up with friends. There is a constant need to either eat or look at something. “said Hingorrany.

Several previous studies have indicated that children stay indoors and hence are active for just 17 minutes in a day. Ideally, experts said, children must spend at least and hour on outdoor physical activities every day.

But finding open spaces in metros is difficult. "Very few child – friendly open spaces are left in metros. Most open spaces are unkempt and unconducive to children, so even parents do not like sending children there," Nayana Kathpalia, trustee, Oval trust. "It’s not difficult to maintain open spaces. All we need is simple play equipment for toddlers and a plain ground for children to play."

Lack of physical activity can be detrimental to children’s growth. Dr. Samir Dalwai, developmental pediatrician, said, "It can lead to obesity among children above five years of age and also stymie their psychological development due to lack of interaction with other children. In children below five years, it also results in hyperactivity as their physical energy is not used up."

Along with non-availability of proper open spaces, experts feel disinterested and paranoid parents are also one of the reasons children pick malls and cafés over parks. Parents talking initiative and making their children aware about the drawbacks of staying indoor is also crucial.

"Parents need to encourage their children to go to parks. We need to develop that interest among children by taking them on trips to farms and beaches," said Biju Augustine, an environmentalist and father to an 11-year old girl and 8-year old boy. "I have started taking my farm house. They help me plant vegetables and manage the cattle."

Source - Hindustan Times

Advisory Support

As an advisory support function extends its neighbourhood knowledge and on ground capabilities to brands willing to partner with us for conceptualization and execution of their mall campaigns. To start discussion on the same- you may contact our mall media planning & buying experts who would take a detailed brief on your mall campaign objectives and budgeted investments and accordingly create fulfilling campaigns.

Purpose and Relevance of this Study

This paper examines the various aspects of mall advertising in India to enhance the ROI of the medium for advertisers. Spanning the origin to evolution of mall advertising with classification of media formats, the study includes complete fact sheets for media planners to achieve high impact mall activation across India. The research data pack is comprehensive with Knowledge of primary malls per city with their audience profiling and real time listing of advertising platforms and available suggestive innovations. The study defines the shopping mall behaviour, such as number of footfalls in malls, prominent seasons for high footfalls showcased through a mall Promotion Calendar and demographic profile of shoppers. The study further classifies Top 74 malls in Top 26 cities of India with media formats/Soft Activations/Sponsorship opportunities available in each mall along with their images, sizes and Market Operating prices in comprehensive presentations and spread sheets. The media kit also includes a pdf describing the Indian Mall Advertising Environment, which will help you in understanding the category and it’s key components in detail.

With a better understanding of the product mix, the findings will thus enable both advertisers and agencies to craft more effective marketing strategies. This report will also generate interest of Asset Owners and Technology providers to access the mall management for long –term lease of NEW Assets they intend to create for a more customer fulfilling experience.

Methodology of Data Collection

Identifying & Evaluating Trends Through Studying Historical Ad Spend Patterns in the Last 2 years

We conducted Personal Interviews with Mall managements of over 97 Malls in the Top 26 cities of India which helped us assess the Trends in Ad-Spend pattern in their respective malls in the last 2 years.

We further conducted Personal Interviews with more than 42 Brand Managers handling brands for the Mall Advertising Category and 33 OOH Media buying Specialists to understand the rating & relevance of each mall from their personal experience of conducting mall advertising campaigns over last 2 years in the top Indian cities.

Lastly, our interviews with’s Quality Board who have a collective experience of over 200+ years helped us in evaluating how brand considerations have fluctuated from one mall to another over a much longer period (5 years) and clearly charting out the current favourite malls in each city.

Importance of Tenant Mix and Effective Mall Management

While Tenant mix defines the offerings of a mall ranging from lifestyle brands across fashion, entertainment & leisure across age groups, the Mall management like JLL, DLF etc are also very crucial as they ensure the best customer experience w.r.t parking management, easy navigation, most hygienic civic facilities, addressing requirements for kids and elderly people, concierge facilities, effective security, cooling, cleanliness amongst other basic facilities. People in India visit malls for Diversion/Browsing, Economic Reasons, Shopping Environment, Refreshments and Snacking, Services and Social Experience. In the above demographic factors age shows a significant effect on shopping motivations in malls in India, individually. However interactions in various combinations are relevant for different shopping motivations for Indian customers to visit malls and affects mall patronage and segmentation.

From a mall walk-in customers point of view, the above facts are very crucial in deciding which mall to visit and therefore it is noticed that newer malls in each city are offering such experiences as it generates the much needed footfall and ensures that shoppers remain here for larger number of hours than before helping retailers get more customers across categories of offerings.

OutdoorMediaPlan’s recommendation of top malls weighs tenant mix & mall management as a prerequisite and advises brand custodians to consider this aspect as the most important factor which helps in generation of footfalls in any mall and hence they may choose to execute their campaigns accordingly.

Tracking & Capturing on ground information via local knowledge eyes

The discussions & interviews with over 100 Industry Professionals and key mall advertising stakeholders helped us in understanding the price variance between the card rates vs the market operating prices and gave us deep insights regarding media pricing at various malls.

Also has over 100 Knowledge Partners ( with an average experience of 5 years) across India who track & capture the current data on the campaigns running in each mall and provide other local insights like any new media additions or innovation along with other latest local media happenings in each city.

Enhanced Offerings in Each Mall

Current mall campaigns are executed in participation with the private concessionaires for each mall who have restricted media thus restricting brands to have exposure through limited formats. An average of only 63% media opportunities are showcased which are readily available and balance properties are never proposed in any media plan. We have found out those as well for your media planning by physical verification of each and every mall by’s team followed by joint site inspections which has helped inclusion of newer opportunities in each mall in our reports which are otherwise not offered to brands.

Continuous Upgradation & Validation

Every city featured in our Mall Advertising Report will have physical visits by our Mall Experts to each mall in every 30 days to evaluate the changing trends and Real-time Media Inventory status. Physical visits in each mall enables us to bring HD pictures of all media formats from different viewing angles helping brand managers to have better understanding of placement of each media basis which decision making will be much faster.


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Buying Tips- Mall Advertising

Unlike traditional media, Mall advertising has got many dimensions. Starting with profiling of the mall as luxury, theme based or lifestyle; the advertiser must be very careful about the composition of the tenant mix and audience demographics and match the above to his requirements.

Apart from the above, there are also varied formats and interactive options available with each mall that one must carefully select depending on the need of the campaign. For instance, to launch a new product such as a beauty cream, one can look at an engagement kiosk (activation) at the mall atrium where apart from giving out information and distributing samples, the advertiser can test the market by the collecting consumer’s feedback about the product by demonstrating it. Automobile companies also use this medium very effectively by displaying their vehicles at mall atrium’s for a luxurious product experience and therefore influencing buyer decisions. Similarly malls provide – External & Internal media options which are equally effective and engage with customers at various vantage locations. Eg- External mall facades are used by brands with a flagship store in the mall to inform and lure the customers about the store, latest designs or current promotional offers. Real estate companies, mobile handsets manufacturers, automobile companies etc also use mall facades because of their strategic marquee locations and mall TG to promote their brands.

Hygiene to be Kept in Mind/Prerequisites

Short Listing Malls Basis - Classification of Malls and TG Fitment:

The malls can be classified into various categories on the basis of their target audience, location and Merchandise orientation. Considering the same classifications any advertiser can easily choose the best suited options for their campaigns for maximum impact.

Conventional Malls:
Primarily a shopping mall, this category is the most commonly found mall type in India. It typically houses an anchor store to pull crowds and also generally includes eateries.

Lifestyle Centres:
Lifestyle Centres house not only shopping but lifestyle experiences like cinema, restaurants, beauty services, spas, fitness centres, kids recreation and much more.

Luxury Malls:
Luxury Mall is mall which only houses super luxury brands predominantly with brands in fashion & lifestyle like DLF Emporio, Delhi & Palladium Mall, Mumbai.

Theme Based Malls:
Malls based on specific services or specialised products like entertainment malls, gold souk and auto malls are called theme based malls.

Inventory Mapping & Assessment:

The trends in the last 2 years showcase newer media creations in each of our recommended mall on a continuous basis. This demonstrates that mall managements aggressively want to monetize possible branding options. Therefore it is important to understand each and every possible media option available in a mall before taking a buying decision.

Physical Recce to Evaluate Effectiveness of Various Available in a Mall:

The physical inspection of the mall advertising options is an integral part of an out of home program for a brand in malls and is extremely critical. This exercise helps independent evaluation of each site w.r.t to coverage, frequency of eyeballs, demographics and ultimately helps in deciding either the option being recommended or being turned down.

Media Availability Status:

While you may identify a mall format during your physical visit to be appropriate, for your campaign, it may have been booked long term by another brand and hence you will have to look for the second best alternative. Checking on the availability of media from the mall management and the media concessionaire is again very important before you can execute any mall campaign.

Other Important Factors for Effective Mall Media Buy

Always Refer to Mall Promotion Calendar

This calendar is a tool that shows the various marketing events, media campaigns and merchandising efforts planned by the mall management round the year. Each mall may have a different calendar depending on their target audience and tenant set-up. Generally, these events coincide with festivities relevant to surrounding communities. For instance, Indian malls organise special promotional schemes and events near Diwali, Holi, Republic day and Independence day. Then there are options like Mother’s day, Father’s day, Friendship day and so on. One must differentiate between Regional festivals or national festivals. While Onam in kerela and Durga Puja in Kolkata represent local malls running large promotions as it draws unbelievable numbers of shoppers during this time of the year, Malls in Delhi NCR & Mumbai may just feature doing general business.

Impact of Seasonality on Mall Advertising Spends:

Festivals bring good tidings for consumption driven companies as the rise in demand boosts bottom lines. FMCG, Consumer durables & automobiles benefit heavily during festivals.

The selling begins in the month of August with the kick-off around Rakhi festival or Independence Day. That’s when retailers start to advertise. The sales go on until Diwali which is usually in October or November. The Diwali sales are highest on the festival day of Dhanteras. On this day it is customary to buy gold or silver jewelry or household appliances. While the Christmas buying is for gifting, during Diwali Indians buy everything from clothes to cars, mostly for themselves and their families. This is why you will see large number of families moving around malls together, which of course really ratchets up the pester power for kids.

There are all kinds of Diwali gifts but for the most part people hand out mithai, or traditional sweets and recently the trend seems to be designer chocolates. Most Indians will put money aside throughout the year to spend during Diwali. Companies also give bonuses (usually a month’s salary) to their employees on Diwali.

All states don’t buy during Diwali. The diversity of India is reflected in its different buying seasons. Most of north and west India buys during Diwali, but many regions have their own festivals. People from Kerala buy during Onam in August. Tamil Nadu shoppers shop during Pongal in February. Baisakhi in April is important in Punjab. Durga Puja in October is the peak season in Bengal. On Dhanteras Hindus consider it auspicious to purchase gold or silver articles or at least one or two new utensils. New clothes, gifts, and home makeovers are a staple of Diwali. Jewellery & gold coins, automobiles, clothing & consumer durables record highest sales. Chocolates & sweets also witness high sales.

Seasonality Pricing:

The rates and bookings of mall media are seasonal. Always keep the same in mind before negotiating a deal. Sale and festival time is when malls witness the maximum footfalls, therefore always pre-book media during this period to obtain the best locations and rates.

Duration of Campaign and Deadline for Execution:

Today Mall audiences are not repetitive for at least a month as they have greater choices to go to as so many malls have mushroomed across cities. Hence, for any campaign to have a greater reach it needs to have a minimum duration of one month. The activities can be done over four weekends as well. However since mall managements are involved and need relevant approvals from their various service departments for ensuring adherence to fire, safety and customer experience – we strongly recommend that creative’s and advertising material should be prepared at least a week in advance before the campaign start date for timely execution.

Mall Media Pricing/Package deals - Credit Terms & Local Taxes:

Mall ads are generally bought in packages comprising of various formats. Don’t forget to ask for value ads while finalizing a plan. Mall networks generally work on advance payment modules as most media is owned my mall management barring few which may be owned by agencies who provide credit. Also, the mall facades and external sites carry additional municipal taxes. One must bear that in mind while budgeting.

Have a Media Planning and Buying Agency:

It is important to hire an agency to compile and execute the campaigns to perfection. The agencies which have specialised experience in conducting Pre-Rides, adapt campaign creative’s into unique mall formats and manage print installation as desired., Your Media Integration Specialist

With an unparallel understanding of the mall advertising environment in India spread across 26 cities and more than 100 + premium malls, will enable seamless planning and execution of nationwide mall campaigns. From small local activations to fully integrated, multi media national campaigns,’s malls data leads the industry in providing unique and highly effective advertising and Brand activation opportunities.

Here's how it works:

Where to advertise?: Decide where you would like to advertise—locally or nationally. With over 200 shopping malls to choose from, advertisers can target by market, city, zip code, or extend the message and reach across the nation. The campaign can be geographically or demographically specific.

What products and/or venues? We will help you think about the optimal product formats to place your advertising.

Simple planning process: With real time data at your fingertips, all you have to do is Browse, Plan and execute! Let us know your goals and we will find the best mall locations for your advertising. With our extended top up services, we can customise specific plans for you.

Top up Plans : We have included indicative budgets for mall campaigns. Our specialists can help you compile good v/s medium exposure matrix as well. Ambient and BTL options: Unlike traditional vendors, we have indentified and provide out-of-the box ambient and BTL options as well.

Get creative : Our creative team will ensure that your creative elements represent your brand and campaign messaging. You can supply us with creative that is already designed and has been prepared to our media specifications, or you may work with us to help design your advertising.

Post Buy-Audits: It is extremely critical to track the health of campaign post initial execution. Media health comprises of proper mounting throughput the period of campaign, proper illumination & achieving committed displays days. The health of the campaign is reported at regular intervals through photographic evidence.

Web Map Tool’s easy-to-use web map tool provides a fantastic and interactive way for the report user to choose the mall of their choice and download the specific media kits which consist of all the media options, sizes and the market operating prices with Hi-Res images.

Testimonials provides access to great data. The staff is always willing to help me find exactly what I need. It’s nice to work with a great group of people who are focused more on understanding my needs than making a sale. It makes my job easier.
- Anuj Bhandari, Daimler-Mercedes India is a great research resource with excellent customer service. My dedicated research assistant maintains regular contact and always lets me know when new reports that apply to my project plans are available. In particular, the reports are full of interesting, accurate and relevant data that fits my brands needs. I would recommend to anyone!
- Anuj Bhandari, Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Your site is straight-forward and easy to navigate. I really like the way it is set up and the convenience provided by it to my company as compared to information my team use to keep looking for days together.
-Anuj Bhandari, Havas Media Active

My life is complicated reduced what usually would have been 2 weeks with my agency to 20 minutes on my computer.
- Anuj Bhandari, Samsung Electronics

Good site for planners within companies who need information quickly.
- Anuj Bhandari, Mudra

Top Up Report

At we understand that in keeping with the constantly changing needs of our clients, their research requirements often involve an in-depth analysis of the market which may not always be available in the existing reports published by us. analyses the scope of your customized market research request to enable us to identify your requirements better and offering insightful and actionable market intelligence with the aim of ensuring that all your information-related requirements are thoroughly fulfilled.

Kindly share details regarding your custom research requirements in the form below and we will get in touch with you with the cost and other timelines within one business day.

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