Behind a good media campaign lies good research. has over 100 neighbourhood knowledge partners as well as senior quality board and mentors with over 600years of combined experience. This means you can search just one website to find out the top media option you need to capture your TG.

We are the experts in Outdoor Media planning. We help brands find best media options suitable w.r.t to their TG and provide industry analysis which will empower them to make informed decisions. Our reports provide information on top media locations, market share, media touch points, trends, regions, demographics, category wise investments etc. is the most comprehensive collection of outdoor advertising intelligence and services on the web anywhere in the world which is tracked monthly and updated continuously in our collection to provide you with instant online access of real time information. Reports, Your strategy officer!

1. No need to make numerous phone calls to media owners for sourcing site images and sit late hours for preparation of media plans. All what you need is just a click away.

2. Get industry overview reports like never before.

3. Get authentic data as it is filtered by over 100 knowledge partners and quality board members having more than 600 years of collective outdoor advertising experience.

4. We guarantee that our data has over 95% relevance.

5. Get readymade power point presentations with media listings and high resolution pictures.

6. Get readymade media plans made in excel integrated with production cost, mounting cost, agency fee and tax component.

7. The excel sheet and PPT’s features media sizes, market operating rates and even the vendor contact details.

8. You just need to connect with the vendor for securing final negotiated price and availability and your media plan is ready!

9. You will experience that your planning & buying process has been cut down by 90%.

Our reports are equally important to an advertiser as it broadens their knowledge on the category and its various dimensions. This knowledge will help them understand agency submissions much better and will empower them to dissect media recommendations with a new approach enabling a better ROI than before.’s No Cost Proposal-

We strongly recommend brands to refer to our reports for planning & executing their media campaigns, however in some cases there may be resistances from brands to buy our reports and for such clients we engage our In-house media specialists to negotiate, release & monitor campaigns on the following terms-

1. will not charge any fee for showcasing & submission of their media research & plans.

2. In addition, will charge a 2.5% management fee on the overall spend of the campaign from the client.

3. The total value of the management fee will be offset against the cost of the report under an agency on record (AOR) relationship and the client will be bound to do exclusive releases of their OOH campaigns with till the cost of the report is offset. Eg- If the cost of our Airport Media Kit is INR 5 lakhs then the client can enjoy free access to the category research and media plans by engaging to release minimum INR 2 crores of the category spend.